Sunday, May 6, 2012

It's May...countdown begins!!

IT'S MAY!!!! Abigail will be here very soon....SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A lot has occured since I last posted and I'd like to let you all know that, first and foremost, our home visit went extrememly well and all our paper work has been turned in, which included our physical's!!  YES!!!! Now it's out of our control and in the hands of the adoption agency to complete the work.  We paid for an expedited service and so far everything's been quick; let's keep praying!! :) Secondly, I have been hard at work (thanks in part to Kristen), getting things organized around the house.  I've now cleaned out one of our big kitchen drawers as well as made space in two of our cabinets for the baby items, plus spent several hours weeding through all the clothes I've been given; that was a chore in itself...let me tell ya!!! That part was done with Kristen and although we worked hard and didn't have much of a break, it still took us a long time! We've been blessed to have received all that we have, but I had to give in and consider donating some of them.  Even after we discarded those items (1 big black trash liner full), I'm still left with two big tubs of N-3mo. clothes-with some already hanging-, two reg. sized tubs of 3-6mo. clothes, yet still more tubs filled with 9mo. and up!! We're good on clothes people!!! ha, ha

The biggest accomplishment was the nursery wall painting and mural!! It turned out just as we planned; so pretty, if I do say-so myself!! ;)  We worked several hours, but we were able to get it done within two days.  Now to get the crib in place...OH! but before that, we will be getting our carpet's cleaned on either Monday or Tuesday, so I suppose we should wait for that first.  I'm just so ready for everything to be put into place, you know?? I'm "nesting"...

Abigail's doing fine; growing normally and has a strong, steady heartbeat! We'll be going with the birth mom (bm) every week now to her OB appt's, until Abigail's born.  BM is doing well; just tired and sore, which is to be expected.  Countdown begins...approx. 22 days!!!

Well, let me get off this thing, but I'll update you more soon!! Thanks for following my blog,'s fun to know you are keeping up with the Dionne's happenings; it's fun writing about them as well!!

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